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Founded in 1998, Alpha Geotechnical and Testing Services, Inc. provides full service geotechnical solutions throughout north Florida and south Georgia. We have conducted various geotechnical and environmental studies as well as materials testing activities on more than 3,200 projects to date. These services include subsurface explorations and evaluations for commercial and residential properties, environmental studies relating to property transactions, construction materials testing, and professional testimony in courts of law.

Company Credentials

Our owner/engineer, Mr. Stephen P. Shanley, PE, has over 40 years of experience in the geotechnical discipline. With our staff of eight (1 senior engineer, 1 staff engineer, 2 administrative, 1 draftsman, and 3 engineering technicians), we have the capability of handling multiple projects at the same time. Our field and laboratory equipment include a Simco model 2800 drill rig, an Acker model AMC-2 portable drilling apparatus, ELE model CT-7251 concrete compression machine with 250,000 pound capacity, a Geotest model E-431 compression device for LBR and CBR tests, various equipment for laboratory proctors, moisture contents, organic contents and Atterberg limits tests and other field equipment for soil density, asphalt and concrete cores, concrete slump, air and compressive test specimens.

Our Mission:

To consistently provide precise geotechnical solutions with  rapid turnaround and excellent customer service. Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to doing our best work every time, so that we can build longstanding relationships with our customers and contribute to our local community.