Sinkhole Inspection and remediation

WTXL ABC 27 interviews Alpha Geotechnical
following Tallahasse's Capital Pines Sinkhole Collapse

What is a Sinkhole?

A sinkhole is any hole that develops in the ground (as small as only a few inches or large enough to swallow entire buildings) that is usually created where underlying limestone is chemically weathered by natural processes such as water drainage.

signs That you may have a sinkhole

You may notice depressions in your interior flooring, new cracks in your foundation, misalignment of doors and windows, or small holes in the surrounding ground that could indicate the occurrence of a sinkhole, particularly when exacerbated by human activity. 

How a sinkhole is identified

In most cases, we recommend that an engineer begin with an on-site inspection where he will probe the soil in the suspect area and review geologic features of the property, including potential Karst features (often characteristic of a sinkhole) and topographic contours. This will help him determine whether the problem may be the result of something other than a sinkhole (water erosion, manmade fill, a void from a previously removed tree stump, etc.) or if signs are indicative of a sinkhole. In such cases, we can assist with a more comprehensive analysis of the problem and recommend a repair strategy that is in line with your budget and project goals. 

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